8th Class Social Science Sample Paper Social Studies - Sample Test Paper-10

  • question_answer We often come across many of public facilities, like education, health, supply of electricity, even drinking water in some cities are provided by private companies on payment. Do you think these are desirable actions? Give reason for your answer.

    A)  Yes. Because private companies carry out these functions more efficiently and effectively.

    B)  Yes. Because the above stated facilities when provided by government are characterized by sloppiness.

    C)  No. Because modern society requires that these facilities are provided by the government so that people's basic needs are met.

    D)  No. Because the above stated facilities are related to people's basic needs. If we go by the rule that people will get as much as they can pay for, then many people who cannot afford to pay for such facilities will be deprived of the opportunity to live a decent life.

    E)  None of these

    Correct Answer: D


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