8th Class Social Science Sample Paper Social Studies - Sample Test Paper-10

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    Carefully read the given statements and pick the correct option as answer.
    (I) Densely populated residential areas should be separated far away from the industrial areas.
    (II) Fire warning and fighting system should be improved.
    (III) Pollution dispersion qualities in the industries should be improved.
    (IV) People staying in the vicinity of industries should be aware of the storage of toxins or hazardous substances and their possible effects in case if an accident occurs.

    A)  These are the factors affecting the localization of industries.

    B)  These are the factors related to operating system of industries.

    C)  These are the risk reduction measures pertain to industries.

    D)  These are the factors that mark the establishment of industrial regions of a country.

    E)  None of these

    Correct Answer: C


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