6th Class Social Science Sample Paper Social Science Sample Paper-2

  • question_answer Why do you think that the ordinary people were attracted to Bhakti?                                                              


    (i) Bhakti comes from the Sanskrit term 'bhaj', meaning 'to derive or share'. This suggests an intimate/two-way relationship between the deity and the devotee.
    (ii) Bhakti is directed towards Bhagwat, which is often translated as God but also means the one who possesses and shares bhaga, literally "good fortune' or 'bliss'.
    (iii) The devotee, known as the bhakta or the bhagavata shares his or her chosen deity's bhaga.
    (iv) Bhakti is generally understood as a person's devotion to his or her chosen deity. Anybody whether rich or poor, belonging to the so called 'high' or Tow' castes, man or woman could follow the path of Bhakti.
    (v) According to this system, if a devotee worships the chosen deity with a pure heart, the deity will appear in the form in which he or she may desire. So, the deity could be thought of as a human being, lion, tree or any other form.

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