6th Class Social Science Sample Paper Social Science Sample Paper-2

  • question_answer (a) What are Megaliths? (b) How was wealth distributed in Vedic India?


    (a) (i) Stone boulders are known as megaliths (literally big stones). These were carefully arranged by people and were used to mark burial sites.
    (ii) The practice of erecting megaliths began about 3000 years ago and was prevalent throughout Deccan, South. India/ in the North-East and Kashmir.
    (iii) While some megaliths can be seen on the surface, other megalithic burials are often underground.
    (b) (i) Some of the wealth that obtained was kept by the leaders/ while some was given to the priests and the rest was distributed amongst the people.
    (ii) Some of the wealth was used for the performance of yajnas or sacrifices in which offerings were made into the fire.           

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