8th Class Science Sample Paper Science Sample Paper-2

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    (i) Draw a well labelled diagram to show the internal structure of Human Eye. 
    (ii) Write the function of Iris and Retina.       
    (iii) How will you take proper care of your eyes? Write any two.                               



    (i) Human Eye
    (ii) Iris: It controls the amount of light entering into the eye through the pupil.                                   
    Retina: It is the site of image formation.                                                                                       
    (iii) We can take care of our eyes in the following manner:
    (a) If advised, use suitable spectacles.
    (b) Too little or too much light is bad for eyes. Insufficient light can cause eye strain and headache.
    (c) Too much light like that of the sun, a powerful lamp or a laser torch can injure the retina.         


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