Railways Sample Paper RRBs Assistant Loco Pilot and Technician CBT STAGE-I Sample Paper-28

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    In the given figure, AOB is a straight line,\[\angle AOC=(3x+20){}^\circ \] and \[\angle BOC=(4x-36){}^\circ .\] The value of x is

    A)  32                   

    B)  28

    C)  26       

    D)  24

    Correct Answer: B

    Solution :

    Since \[\angle \,AOB\] is a straight angle, we have \[\angle AOC+\angle BOC=180{}^\circ \]             \[\Rightarrow \]\[3x+20+4x-36=180{}^\circ \] \[\Rightarrow \]   \[7x=196\Rightarrow x=28\]

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