Railways Sample Paper RRB (Group D) Sample Test Paper-12

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    A number when reduced by 10% gives 30. The number is

    A)  35                   

    B)  33\[\frac{1}{2}\]

    C)  33\[\frac{1}{3}\]          

    D)  40

    Correct Answer: C

    Solution :

    [c] Let the number is x. According to question \[x-\,10%\,of\,x=30\] \[x\frac{10}{100}x=30\] \[\left( \frac{100-10}{100} \right)x=30\] \[x=\frac{30\times 100}{90}=33\frac{1}{3}\] Hence, the number is \[33\frac{1}{3}\]

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