Railways Sample Paper RRB (Assistant Loco Pilot & Technician) Sample Test Paper-4

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    The area of a square is four times the area of a rectangle. The length of the rectangle is 25 cm and its breadth is one cm less than one-fifth of its length. What is the perimeter of the square?

    A)  40 cm            

    B)  60 cm

    C)  160 cm          

    D)       None of these

    Correct Answer: D

    Solution :

     Breadth of rectangle                    \[=25\frac{1}{5}\,\,\,\,1=4\] cm \[\therefore \] Area of rectangle = length breadth \[=25\,\,\,\,4=100\] sq.cm. \[\therefore \] Area of square \[=4\,\,\,100\,=400\] sq.cm. \[\therefore \] Side of square \[=\sqrt{400}\,\,=20\] cm. \[\therefore \] Perimeter of square = 4 side  \[=4\,\,\,\,20=80\] cm.

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