Railways Sample Paper RRB (Assistant Loco Pilot) Sample Test Paper-10

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    A cone is inscribed in a hemisphere such that their bases are common. If C is the volume of the cone and H that of the hemisphere, then what is the value of\[C:H\]?

    A)  \[1:2\]           

    B)         \[2:3\]             

    C)         \[3:4\]             

    D)         \[4:5\] 

    Correct Answer: A

    Solution :

    Volume of cone, \[C=\frac{1}{3}\pi \,{{R}^{2}}H\]             \[=\frac{1}{3}\pi {{R}^{3}}\]                    \[(\because \,H=R)\] Volume of hemisphere, \[H=\frac{2}{3}\pi {{R}^{3}}\] \[\therefore \]     \[C:H=\frac{1}{3}\pi {{R}^{3}}:\frac{2}{3}\pi {{R}^{3}}=1:2\]

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