NEET Sample Paper NEET Sample Test Paper-50

  • question_answer Energy levels A, B, C of a certain atom corresponds to increasing value of energy, i.e.,\[{{E}_{A}}<{{E}_{B}}<{{E}_{C}}\]. If \[{{\lambda }_{1}},\,\,{{\lambda }_{2}}\,\,and\,\,{{\lambda }_{3}}\] are the wavelengths of radiations corresponding to the transitions C to B, B to A and C to A respectively. Which of the following statement is correct-

    A) \[{{\lambda }_{3}}\,\,=\,\,\,{{\lambda }_{1}}\,+\,\,{{\lambda }_{2}}\]  

    B) \[{{\lambda }_{3}}\,=\,\,\frac{{{\lambda }_{1}}\,{{\lambda }_{2}}}{{{\lambda }_{1}}+\,{{\lambda }_{2}}}\]

    C) \[{{\lambda }_{1}}\,+\,\,{{\lambda }_{2}}\,+\,\,{{\lambda }_{3}}\,\,=\,\,0\]      

    D) \[\lambda _{3}^{2}\,+\,\,\lambda _{1}^{2}\,\,+\,\,\lambda _{2}^{2}\,\]

    Correct Answer: B

    Solution :

    \[{{E}_{3}}={{E}_{1}}+{{E}_{2}}\] \[\frac{hc}{{{\lambda }_{3}}}=\frac{hc}{{{\lambda }_{1}}}+\frac{hc}{{{\lambda }_{2}}}\,\,\,\Rightarrow \,\,\,\frac{1}{{{\lambda }_{3}}}=\frac{1}{{{\lambda }_{1}}}+\frac{1}{{{\lambda }_{2}}}\]


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