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    On Adding \[AgN{{O}_{3}}\]solution into KI solution, a negatively charged colloidal sol is obtained when they are in:-

    A)  \[100\text{ }ml\]of \[0.1\text{ }M\text{ }AgN{{O}_{3}}+100\text{ }ml\]of \[0.2\text{ }M\text{ }KI\]

    B)  \[100\text{ }ml\]of \[0.1\text{ }M\text{ }AgN{{O}_{3}}+50\text{ }ml\text{ }\]of \[0.2\text{ }M\text{ }KI\]

    C)  \[100\text{ }ml\]of \[0.2\text{ }M\text{ }AgN{{O}_{3}}+100\text{ }ml\]of \[0.1M\,KI\]

    D)  \[100\,\,ml\]of \[0.1M\text{ }AgN{{O}_{3}}+100\,ml\]of \[0.015\text{ }M\,KI\]

    Correct Answer: A

    Solution :

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