NEET Sample Paper NEET Sample Test Paper-16

  • question_answer An electron in hydrogen atom after absorbing a photon jumps from energy state\[{{n}_{1}}\] to\[{{n}_{2}}\]. Then it returns to ground state after emitting six different wavelength in emission spectrum. The energy of emitted photons is either equal to less than or greater than the absorbed photons. Then \[{{n}_{1}}\]and \[{{n}_{2}}\]are

    A) \[{{n}_{2}}=4,{{n}_{1}}=3\]                   

    B) \[{{n}_{2}}=5,{{n}_{1}}=3\]       

    C)      \[{{n}_{2}}=4,{{n}_{1}}=2\]       

    D)      \[{{n}_{2}}=4,{{n}_{1}}=1\]                   

    Correct Answer: C

    Solution :

    As six different wavelengths are emitted from state \[{{n}_{2}},\]we have \[\frac{{{n}_{2}}({{n}_{2}}-1)}{2}=6\Rightarrow {{n}_{2}}=4\] Since, the energy of some emitted photons is less that of absorbed photon, \[{{n}_{1}}\ne 3.\]Since, the energy of some emitted photons is more than that of absorbed photon, \[{{n}_{1}}\ne 1.\] \[\therefore \]    \[{{n}_{1}}=2\] Hence, the correction option is (c).


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