NEET Sample Paper NEET Sample Test Paper-14

  • question_answer According to IUCN Red List, what is the status of Red panda (Ailurus fulgens)?

    A)  Critically endangered species

    B)  Vulnerable species

    C)  Extinct species

    D)  Endangered species

    Correct Answer: D

    Solution :

    IUCN is International Union of Conservation of Nature and Natural resources which is now known as World Conservation Union (WCU). It maintains a red data-book or red list which is a catalogue of taxa facing a risk of extinction. Endangered Species are those facing a high risk of extinction in the wild in the near future due to the decrease in its habitat, excessive predation of poaching. The percentage number of endangered species in the list of threatened one's is 19% mammals, 17% birds, 21% reptiles, 22% amphibians and 19% angiosperms. In India their number is 54 animals and 113 plants, for example, Red Panda, Bentinckia nicobarica. Critically Endangered Species: The taxon is facing very high risk of extinction in the wild and can become extinct any moment in the immediate future, for example, Sus salvanius (Pigmy Hog), berberis nilghiriensis. Vulnerable: Presently the population is sufficient but is undergoing depletion due to some factors so that it is facing risk of extinction in the medium term future, for example, Antilope cervicapra. Extinct: The taxon has been completely eliminated or died out from earth, for example, Dodo.


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