NEET Sample Paper NEET Sample Test Paper-14

  • question_answer Fixation of one \[\text{C}{{\text{O}}_{\text{2}}}\]molecule through Calvin cycle requires

    A)  1 ATP and \[\text{2 NADP}{{\text{H}}_{\text{2}}}\]

    B) 2 ATP and \[\text{2NADP}{{\text{H}}_{\text{2}}}\]

    C)  3 ATP and \[\text{2NADP}{{\text{H}}_{\text{2}}}\]

    D)  2 ATP and \[\text{1}\,\text{NADP}{{\text{H}}_{\text{2}}}\]

    Correct Answer: C

    Solution :

    2 ATP's are required during the conversion of PGA to 1, 3-Diphosphoglyceric acid. 1 ATP is required during the conversion of glyceraldehydes phosphate to ribulose bisphosphate. 2 \[\text{NAD}{{\text{H}}_{2}}\]molecules are utilized for converting 1,3-Diphosphoglyceric acid to glyceraldehydes phosphate.


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