SSC Economics Sample Paper NCERT Sample Paper-4

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    The purpose of central & state warehousing corporations is to:

    A)  Distribute fertilizers & seeds

    B)  To refinance farm credit

    C)  Provide storage facility

    D)  Process agricultural products

    Correct Answer: C

    Solution :

    [c] Functions of Warehouses: - SCIENTIFIC STORAGE: In Warehouses the stored produce is protected from the vagaries of weather and rodents, insects, pests' etc. and prevents quality and quantity losses. FINANCING: Warehouses meet the financial needs of the persons who store the produce by providing value of the goods stored. PRICE STABILIZATION: Warehouses help in regulating the price levels by regulating the supply of goods in the markets. More goods from the buffer are released when supplies are less and less is released when supplies are more in the markets. Thus the demand levels are monitored. MARKET INTELLIGENCE: Warehouses offer the price, supply and demand information to the market users so as to develop selling and buying strategies by them.

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