SSC Indian Polity and Civics Sample Paper NCERT Sample Paper-4

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    Who is empowered to suspend the operation of Fundamental Rights?

    A)  Parliament       

    B)  Supreme Court

    C)  President          

    D)  Prime Minister

    Correct Answer: C

    Solution :

    [c] The constitution of India provides for the suspension of fundamental rights in certain circumstances. Article 358 provides that when the proclamation of emergency is made by the president under Article 352, the freedoms guaranteed by Article 19 (Freedom of Speech etc.) are automatically suspended for the period of emergency. Then, Article 33 empowers parliament to modify the application of fundamental rights to the armed forces or forces charged with maintenance of public order, etc. In the interest of discharge of duties and maintenance of discipline, under art. 34, parliament may by law indemnify any person for anything done in contravention of fundamental rights for maintenance of order during the operation of martial law.

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