6th Class Mathematics Sample Paper Mathematics Sample Paper-6

  • question_answer Medicine is packed in boxes, each weighing 4 kg 500 g. How many such boxes can be loaded in a van which can-not carry beyond 800 kg?


    Van can carry a weight of 800 kg \[=(800\times 1000)\text{ }g=8,00,000\text{ }g\] Weight of 1 packet \[=4\text{ }kg\text{ }500\text{ }g\] \[=4\text{ }kg+500\text{ }g\] \[=(4\times 1000)\text{ }g+500\text{ }g\] \[=4500\text{ }g\] Number of packets that can be loaded in the van \[=8,00,000\div 4500\] Now,                 \[\therefore \] 177 packets can be loaded in the van.

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