6th Class Mathematics Sample Paper Mathematics Sample Paper-4

  • question_answer Draw \[\angle BAC\]or measure \[75{}^\circ \]and find its line of symmetry.


    So to find the line or symmetry of angle \[75{}^\circ \], we use the following steps:
    Step I: Draw \[\overline{AB}\]of any length.
    Step II: Place the centre of the protractor at A and the zero edge along \[\overline{AB}\].
    Step III: Start with zero near B, mark point C at \[75{}^\circ \].
    Step IV: Join AC. \[\angle BAC\]is the required angle of measure \[75{}^\circ \].
    Step V: With A as centre and using compasses, draw an arc that cuts both rays of \[\angle A\] at P and \[Q\].
    Step VI: With P as centre, draw (in the interior of \[\angle A\] an arc whose radius is more than half of the length of\[PQ\]).
    Step VII: With the same radius and with Q as centre, draw another arc in the interior of \[\angle A\]. Let the two arcs intersect at D.
    Step VIII: Join AD, then is \[\overline{AD}\]the required bisector of \[\angle A\], i.e., AD is the line of symmetry of an angle of measure \[75{}^\circ \].

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