6th Class Mathematics Sample Paper Mathematics Sample Paper-4

  • question_answer Ravi purchased 5 kg 400 g rice, 2 kg 20 g sugar and 10 kg 850 g flour. Find the total weight of his purchases.


    Weight of rice purchased \[=5\text{ }kg\text{ }400\text{ }g=5\text{ }kg+\frac{400}{1000}\,\,kg\] \[=5.400\text{ }kg\] Weight of sugar purchased \[=2\text{ }kg\text{ }20\text{ }g=2\text{ }kg+\frac{20}{1000}\text{ }kg\] \[=2.020\text{ }kg\] Weight of flour purchased \[=10\text{ }kg\text{ }850\text{ }g=10\text{ }kg+\frac{850}{1000}\text{ }kg\] \[=10.850\text{ }kg\] Total weight purchased \[=5.400\text{ }kg+2.020\text{ }kg+10.850\text{ }kg\] \[=18.270\text{ }kg\]

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