6th Class Mathematics Sample Paper Mathematics Sample Paper-4

  • question_answer Tina had 20 m 5 cm long cloth. She cuts 4 m 50 cm length of cloth from this for making a curtain. How much cloth is left with her?


    Total length of cloth \[=20\text{ }m\text{ }5\text{ }cm\] \[=20\text{ }m+5\text{ }cm\]. \[=20\text{ }m+\frac{5}{100}\] \[(\backslash 1m=100\text{ }cm)\] \[=20.05\text{ }m\] Length cut out for curtain \[=4\text{ }m\text{ }50\text{ }cm\] \[=4\text{ }m+50\text{ }cm\] \[=4\text{ }m+\left( \frac{50}{100} \right)m\] \[=4m+0.50\text{ }m\] \[=4.50\text{ }m\] Cloth left with her \[=20.054.50\text{ }m\] \[=15.55\text{ }m\] \[=15\text{ }m\text{ }55\text{ }cm\]

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