12th Class Mathematics Sample Paper Mathematics Sample Paper-4

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    To raise money for an orphanage, students of three schools A, B and C organised an exhibition in their locality, where they sold paper bags, scrap-books and postel-sheets made by them using recycled paper, at the rate of Rs. 20, Rs. 15 and Rs. 5 per unit, respectively. School A sold 25 paper bags, 12 scrap-books and 34 postel-sheets. School B sold 22 paper bags,    15 scrap-books    and    28 postel-sheets, while school C sold 26 paper bags, 18 scrap-books and 36 postel-sheets. Using matrices, find the total amount raised by each school. By such exhibition, which values are inculcated in the students?


    Sale matrix for A, B and C is     Paper bags Scrap-books Postel-sheets and price matrix \[\therefore \] Total amount raised is given by               Hence, school A raised Rs. 850, school 6 raised Rs. 805 and school C raised Rs. 970.                          Value By such exhibition, values of helping the orphans and use of recycled paper are inculcated in the students.

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