6th Class Mathematics Sample Paper Mathematics Sample Paper-3

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    Express as km using decimals:
    (a) 8m                                      
    (b) 88 m
    (c) 8888 m                                
    (d) 70 km 5 m


    We know that 1 km = 1000 m
    So, \[1\,\text{m}=\frac{1}{1000}\,\text{km}\]
    (a)  \[8\text{ m}=8\times \frac{1}{1000}\text{km}=0.008\text{ km}\]                                                                                                            
    (b) \[88\text{ m}=88\times \frac{1}{1000}\text{km}=0.088\text{ km}\]                                                                                                   
    (c) \[8888\text{ m}=8888\times \frac{1}{1000}\text{km}=8.888\text{ km}\]                                                                                                   
    (d) \[70\,\,\text{km}\,\,5\,\,\text{m}=70\,\,\text{km}+5\,\,\text{m}\]
    \[=70\,\,\text{km}+\frac{5\times 1}{1000}\text{km}\]

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