6th Class Mathematics Sample Paper Mathematics Sample Paper-3

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    Length of a rectangular field is 250 m and width is 150 m. Anuradha runs around this fields 3 times. How far did she run? How many times she should run around the field to cover as distance of 4 km?


    Given, length of rectangular field (l) = 250 m and width of rectangular field (b) = 150 m Perimeter of the fields \[=2(l+b)\] \[=2\,(250+150)\text{ }m\] \[=(2\times 400)m\] \[=800\,\,m\] \[\because\] Distance covered in one round = perimeter of the fields\[=800\text{ }m\] \[\therefore\] Distance covered in three rounds \[=3\times 800\]\[=2400\text{ }m\] Now, number of rounds to cover 4 km, i.e. 4000m \[=\frac{4000}{800}=5\] [\[\because\]1km = 1000]                                                                                    Hence, she should run 5 times around the field to cover the distance of 4 km.

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