8th Class English Sample Paper English Sample Paper - 9

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    Answer any one of the following questions:     
    Have you ever been in a serious fight only to realise later that it was unnecessary and futile? Share your experience/ views with others frankly and honestly.
    When he felt the earthquake, do you think Ignesious was immediately worried about a tsunami?
    Give reasons for your answer. Which sentence in the text tells you that the Ignesious family did not have any time to discuss and plan their course of action after the tsunami struck?


    Once I shared a different opinion with my friend. It was my 10th birthday, the cake had ten candles on it. The guests/ my parents, relatives, brothers and sisters all were singing the birthday song. My closest friend, Aman was standing next to me. As I cut the caki. I was supposed to blow off the candles. Suddenly Aman stopped me. He insisted on one of the candles to be lighted till the last before being blown off. I got angry and exchanged bad words: because both of us were adamant on our point. Later, I repented when my mother told me that one lighted candle is to be kept in the prayer room and is symbolic of your long life. Such a terrible scene was created. If only I had tried to listen to the whole concept of Aman, we would had never quarrelled. I said sorry to Aman and realised my mistake.                                                      
    No, I don't think he was immediately worried about the Tsunami. He only felted an earthquake.
    To protect his TV set from falling down, he kept it on the floor. No other measures were taken by him. Ignesious family did not get any time to discuss and plan their course of action. We get to know this as they did not do anything in a planned manner. Half of them ran in one direction while the rest ran in the other. They were in a state of chaos.                              


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