8th Class English Sample Paper English Sample Paper - 9

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    Read the outlines of a story given below. Write it in full using these outlines and your own ideas.
    Assign a suitable title to it: 
    Outlines:-Farmer had four sons ?brothers kept quarrelling ?farmer wanted to teach lesson?gave them one stick each to break ? easily broke?gave pile of sticks ? could not break ?learnt a lesson.
    Outlines:-A farmer in possession of a goose?it lays a golden egg every day ?the farmer is happy? becomes greedy also?wants all the eggs at once?ills the goose?cannot get even a single egg? repents?it is too late.


    United We Stand, Divided We Fall  
    There was a farmer. His name was Charan Das. He had four sons Ramesh, Deepak, Jagat and Ravi.
    They all kept on quarrelling with one another. Charan Das was very worried as he was getting old. He thought that if his sons will not live unitedly, they will waste the entire wealth. He planned to teach them a lesson. He called his sons to him and gave them one stick each asking them to break it. The boys were surprised at this and could easily break the stick given to them. Then the farmer gave them each a pile of four sticks and asked them to break, no one could do it. He told his sons that this shows that if they will fight, they will be alone and easily cheated by others but if they will stay together they can never be cheated, rather they will be strong and do a good business.
    The sons realised their mistake and promised never to quarrel with one another but stay united. This made them happy.
    The Goose that Laid a Golden Egg Once there lived a poor farmer in a village. He was very hardworking and honest. God took pity on him. He gave him a goose and said, "Look after it properly. It will help you." The farmer accepted the gift. He took the goose to his home. He fed it and put it in a cabin where dogs could not harm it.
    Next morning he was very happy to find that the goose had laid a golden egg. He sold the egg and bought sweets and other eatables. He gave up his work and devoted all his time in looking after the goose. It laid a golden egg every day. Soon the farmer became rich.
    The farmer was very happy now. He gave parties to show off his riches. He invited the neighbours.
    Some of them were jealous of his sudden prosperity. One of them suggested, "Why wait for an egg every day? Kill the goose and take all the eggs at once." The farmer also became greedy. He did not think twice. He took a knife and killed the goose. To his shock and surprise, he did not find even a single egg. The farmer now repented on his folly, but it was too late.


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