6th Class English Sample Paper English Sample Paper-3

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    Read the extract and answer the questions given below:                                            
    Uncle took me to the fair. Bhaiya, who worked for us at home, came with us. There was a big crowd at the fair. Uncle was leading us through the crowd when he met a few of his friends. They wanted him to spend some time with them.
    Uncle asked me whether I would like to look around the fair with Bhaiya till he came, I was happy to do that Uncle warned me neither to buy anything, nor to go too far while he was away. I promised that I would wait for him.
    (i) Where did the uncle take him to?
    (ii) What was the occasion for holding the fair?
    (iii) What did uncle ask Rashid and Bhaiya to do?
    (iv) What instructions did the uncle give to Rasheed and Bhaiya?


    (i) Uncle took him to fair.
    (ii) The fair was organised on the occasion of Bid.
    (iii) Uncle asked Rasheed and Bhaiya if they would like to go around the fair.
    (iv) Uncle asked them not to purchase anything or go far away in his absence.              


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