6th Class English Sample Paper English Sample Paper-1

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    Do you think Makara harassed other reptiles in the forest? How?
    What were the changes that occurred in Patrick's behaviour? How did his parents and teacher's react to these changes?


    Yes, it is true that all the animals in the forest were scared of Makara because it was powerful and strong enough to harass other creatures. The animals followed what Makara ordered to them and nobody had the guts to oppose him. That's why nobody objected when Makara sent a letter to tortoises not to come in the meeting and leave the forest. Afterwards the Makara wrote a letter to the snakes to leave the forest in a day. All the animals were aware that it was injustice, but nobody could oppose him for he was strong enough and the snakes left the forest in one day. Makara being strong never realised his mistake and shouted when somebody tried to intervene. Makara even told the lizards to leave the forest on short notice. Thus, Makara used to harass all other reptiles in the forest.
    There was a great change in Patrick's behaviour after completion of his homework. He became a model for kids. He got grade 'A' in all the subjects. His teachers became happy and they were full of appreciation for Patrick. His parents were amazed and could not believe the change. He cleaned his room, did his household chores. He was now a cheerful kid and was not rude to anyone. He had developed a whole new attitude. He became more responsible towards his work and study.


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