Banking Computers Sample Paper Computer - Sample Paper - 11

  • question_answer What are the four things needed to connect, to the Internet?

    A) Telephone line, modem, computer, and an ISP

    B) Modem, computer. PDA, and ISP

    C) Telephone line, PDA, modem, and computer

    D) Computer, ISP. Modem, and communication software

    E) Monitor, keyboard, mouse, modem

    Correct Answer: D

    Solution :

    You need comp liter, ISP modem and communication soft-ware to connect to Internet. ISP (Internet service provider) pro-vides access to the Internet. You need to sign for an account with An ISP. Modem is necessary if you are using a telephone line to Access the Internet. It translates the languages that. Computers talk into a language that can travel across the phone lines & vice versa. Also, a communication software (Browser and software to connect you to the ISP) is required.


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