12th Class Chemistry Sample Paper Chemistry Sample Test Paper-3

  • question_answer   How would you account for the following : (a) (b) Grignard reagents are prepared strictly under anhydrous condition?                                                                1


                      (a)  is a 2° alkyl halide while is a 1° alkyl halide.   Since 2° alkyl halide react faster than 1° alkyl halide due to greater stability of 2° carbocation over 1° carbocation, therefore, a is more faster than,  .   (b) Grignard reagents should be prepared under anhydrous condition because the magnesium bond is covalent but highly polar with carbon pulling electrons from electropositive magnesium, the magnesium-halogen bond is essentially ionic. If water is present it convert Grignard reagents to corresponding hydrocarbon.                               1


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