12th Class Biology Sample Paper Biology - Sample Paper-15

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    Draw the labelled diagram of a mature embryo sac found in most of the flowering plants.
    Pollination acts as the phenomenon of transfer of pollen grains from anther to the stigma of either same plant or a different plant. What is the significance of this phenomenon?


    Diagrammatic representation of a mature embryo sac
    Significances of pollination These are as follows
    (i) Pollination is a means of taking the male gametophyte near the female gametophyte for its growth.
    (ii) Pollen-pistil interaction determines the suitability of pollen for carrying out the process of sexual reproduction.
    (iii) It has liberated the seed plants fromtheir dependence on external water during fertilisation.
    (iv) It can be manipulated to produce purelines as well as desired varieties.


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