12th Class Biology Sample Paper Biology - Sample Paper-15

  • question_answer Avik's father was smoking cigarette while watching TV in the main hall. Avik insisted him to smoke outside the house and also to give up smoking as it is harmful to health.
    (i) Why did Avik's insist his father to smoke outside the house?
    (ii) Why should Avik father quit smoking?
    (iii) What values were shown by Avik?


    (i) Inside the home, smoke is inhaled by other family members and it is known as passive smoking. It has same ill-effects as that of active smoking. It is even much harmful because passive smokers cannot resist the ill-effects of smoke.
    (ii) Avik?s father should quit smoking because
    (a) It increases CO content in blood and reduces \[{{O}_{2}}\] transport.
    (b) It is associated with lung cancer, emphysema, heart diseases, etc.
    (iii) Avik was concerned about the health of his father and family.


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