12th Class Biology Sample Paper Biology - Sample Paper-15

  • question_answer Explain totipotency and micropropagation. How are both interconnected?


    Totipotency It is the ability of a single cell to divide and produce all of the differentiated cell in an organism. Spores and zygotes are examples of totipotent cells. In the spectrum of cell potency, totipotency represents the cell with the greatest differentiation potential.
    The production of a large numbers of plants in a short duration is known as micropropagation. It is a technique of obtaining large numbers of plantlets by the tissue culture method.
    Plant tissue culture is based on the principle of totipotency. Micropropagation is a technique of plant tissue culture. In this an explant gives rise to the whole plantlets on suitable conditions. Explant produces whole plant due to the virtue of totipotency. Thus, both totipotency andmicropropagation are interconnected.


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