12th Class Biology Sample Paper Biology - Sample Paper-15

  • question_answer Prakash was a farmer who had been growing paddy repeatedly on a small piece of his land. With time, he observed that the yield was decreasing. He went to agriculture centre of his locality where a agriculturist advised him to use Nostoc and stop the use of chemical fertilisers.
    (i) What is Nostoc?
    (ii) How does Nostoc help to increase the yield of paddy?
    (iii) What values were shown by Prakash?


    (i) Nostoc is a cyanobacterium, that is used as a biofertiliser.
    (ii) Nostoc can fix atmospheric nitrogen in the soil, in the forms which can be easily absorbed by plants.Hence, it helps to fulfill nitrogen requirements in paddy fields.
    (iii) Prakash was an aware and responsible farmer who thought of taking help from agriculture department.


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