12th Class Biology Sample Paper Biology - Sample Paper-15

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    (i) What is infertility?
    (ii) Test tube baby technique can solve infertility problem. Explain.
    (i) Cite some common causes of infertility in human females.
    (ii) What could be the effective preventive measures to avoid sexually transmitted diseases?


    (i) Infertility is a failure to conceive within one or more years of regular unprotected coitus (copulation).
    (ii) Test tube baby technique involves fusion of male and female gamete outside the body (in vitro) to from zygote. The zygote is implanted or transfered into the mother?s uterus for the further development. The couple having any kind of infertility can become parent by this techique.
    (i) Following can be the causes of infertility in human females
    (a) Fertilisation and implanation failure.
    (b) Early miscarriage.
    (c) Dyspareunia (painful intercourse experienced by a woman).
    (d) Defective growth of uterus and vagina.
    (ii) For the prevention of STDs following simple principles should be followed
    (a) Avoid sex with unknown partner/multiple partners.
    (b) One should always use condoms during intercourse.
    (c) If a person is in doubt then he/she must consult a qualified doctor. If STD is detected one should get complete treatment.


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