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  • question_answer1)

    Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow:
    When Levi Strauss sold his first pair of jeans, they were not blue and they were not denim. He was 21, a recent immigrant from Bavaria, when he landed in San Francisco in 1850 with gold on his mind. His brother back East had stocked him with some dry goods and bolts of canvas, which young Levi intended to sell as tents and wagon tops. He wanted to raise cash to buy himself a claim in the gold digs. Legend has it that a single encounter with a disgruntled miner changed his carrier. Eyeing the goods, the miner said he would have done better to bring pants. Pants wore out quickly in the gold digs.
    Very soon the miner had the toughest pair of brown canvas pants in the West. Soon other goods prospectors came around looking for those pants of Levi's. Within a few years, he switched from canvas to French denim, reputed to be the strongest fabric in the world. He later added the indigo dye that puts the .blue in the blue jeans.
    Meanwhile, Jacob Davis, a tailor in Nevadall, came up with the idea of copper-riveted pockets. Miners kept loading ore into their pockets and ripping them out.
    One day, after having repaired the same miner's pockets several times, the tailor sneaked off to the harness shop and reinforced the seams with rivets. Davis knew he had a good thing, so he went down to see Strauss in San Francisco and the two men took out a patent on riveted pockets.
    Strauss developed the first and the largest garment-making business west of the Mississippi River. His reputation for probity and public spiritedness became a San Francisco legend. "You can buy Levi's for a dollar, but you can't buy Levi's Strauss for a million dollars." it was said.
    A. Based on your reading of the given passage, answer the following questions:
    (i) What is the story behind the pair of brown canvas pants?
    (ii) How did the brown canvas pants change into blue jeans?
    (iii) Why did Levi Strauss go to San Francisco in 1850?
    (iv) Mention some character traits that make Levi Strauss unique.
    B. Fill in the gaps as briefly as possible.
    (i) Levi Strauss used ............ to make his jeans ............ in colour.
    (ii) Levi's jeans got their special pockets when............
    C. Find out a word from the passage which has the same meaning as:
    (i) Dissatisfied (Para 1)
    (ii) Strengthened (Para 4)

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  • question_answer2)

    Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follows:
    In India, as perhaps in many other countries of the world, trees have been held in veneration since ancient times. Our rishis of yore retired to-forests to meditate and to do penance amidst trees and "far from the maddening crowd". Our forbears loved trees and forests so much so that they even deified and worshipped them as abodes of Vrikshadevata and Vanadevata. Many of them were not cut without good reason. In ancient India, groves of trees and flower gardens were reared with loving care.
    In ancient Sanskrit literature, there are many references to young maidens kicking the Ashoka tree to make it flower. But in fact, the kick can be administered by anyone. The method seems to work/though nobody really knows why? Some say the kick interrupts the flow of water upwards, triggering a defence mechanism which causes the tree to flower.
    In Western countries people beat their walnut trees to encourage them to bear fruit. It is believed that a good beating ensures a good crop of walnuts. Like the Ashoka, the Walnut too is a tall tree. Perhaps all tall trees benefit from a sound beating occasionally.
    In parts of Uttar Pradesh they resort to another stratagem to get mango trees to flower. If a tree has not given fruit in a particular year, the owner, accompanied by three or four friends, walks menacingly towards it with an axe and loudly announces his intention of cutting down the tree. His friends persuade him not to do so. When he has gone they berate the tree for not giving fruit and advise it to give plenty of fruits the next time if it wants to live. The method is said to give good results.
    (a) Why did our rishis retire to forests?
    (b) Who are referred to Vrikshadevata and Vanadevata in the passage?
    (c) Why are walnut trees beaten in Western countries?
    (d) (i) In ancient times young maidens used to kick the Ashoka tree when it...................
    (ii) In Uttar Pradesh mango trees are caused to flower by.....................

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  • question_answer3) Write a speech to be delivered on the occasion of World Environment Day.

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  • question_answer4)

    Imagine that you are Sunita/Sandeep, studying in X Standard, Govt. High School Kolar.
    Write a letter to your friend inviting him to attend your sister's marriage.
    Write an application to the Chairman of your Village Panchayat, requesting him to provide sufficient water supply to your area.

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  • question_answer5)

    Write a short paragraph on any one of the following:
    (i) National Festival
    (ii) Value of Discipline
    (iii) A Visit to a Historical Place

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  • question_answer6)

    Change the following sentences from the singular into the plural:
    (i) The sheep is grazing.
    (ii) A wolf is a wild animal
    (iii) A deer looks beautiful.
    (iv) The police caught the thief.

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  • question_answer7)

    Give the Feminine gender of the following Masculine genders:
    (i) Boy
    (iii) Husband
    (ii) Son
    (iv) King

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  • question_answer8)

    Correct the following sentences:
    (i) He is standing on the gate.
    (ii) Shyam writes by a pen.

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  • question_answer9)

    Fill in the suitable conjunctions:
    (i) She tried .......... did not succeed.
    (ii) He does not go to school.......... he is ill.
    (iii) John.......... Marry went to the cinema.
    (iv) He through for a moment.......... kicked the ball.

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  • question_answer10)

    Change the verbs of the following sentences into past tense:
    (i) Suddenly he enters.
    (ii) She sings sweetly.

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  • question_answer11)

    Supply the proper form - Comparative or Superlative?of the Adjectives.
    (i) Shakespeare is ................... than any other English dramatist, (great)
    (ii) Honour is ................... to him than life. (dear)
    (iii) The piano was sold to the ................... bidder, (young)
    (iv) Iron is ................... than any other metal. (useful)

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  • question_answer12)

    Read the extract and answer the questions given below:
    SERBJIT: What makes me very angry is when people don't believe me when I am telling the truth.
    For example, if I tell my teacher that I couldn't do my homework because Ravi borrowed my book and forgot to return it. Or I tell my parents that it wasn't me but my little brother who started the fight. Or if I tell my teacher that I really did study for the test even if I have got bad marks. They all look at me as if they think I am telling lies. The look on their faces really angers me. Sometimes I have to look down at my shoes and count to ten so that I do not show that I am angry.
    (i) What makes Serbjit angry?
    (ii) Why do his teachers and parents disbelieve him?
    (iii) What does he say when he get less marks in the test?
    (iv) Why does he look down at his shoes?

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  • question_answer13)

    Read the following lines from the poem and answer the questions given below:
    When at four in the afternoon
    I come back from the school, -
    I can see through the gate of that house
    the gardener digging the ground.
    He does what he likes with his spade
    he soils his clothes with dust,
    nobody takes him to task.
    If he gets bakes in the sun or gets wet.
    I wish I were a gardener digging away at the
    garden with nobody the stop me from digging
    (i) Who is the speaker of the above lines?
    (ii) What was the child thinking about the gardener?
    (iii) Who was digging the ground and where?
    (iv) Name the poet and the poem.

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  • question_answer14)

    Answer any four of the following questions:
    (i) Who did the dog first choose as his master? Why did he leave that master?
    (ii) How did Kalpana Chawla she become an astronaut? What gave her the idea that she could be an astronaut?
    (iii) Will Dolma become a good Prime Minister? Give your opinion.
    (iv) What was Jumman's verdict as head Panch? How did Algu take it?
    (v) How does the hump of the camels help them to survive when there is no food?
    (vi) When the lion came to know about human presence, what was his reaction?

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  • question_answer15)

    Answer any four of the following questions:
    (i) What was the farmer's comment on his Wife's fear?
    (ii) How did Ray communicate with him?
    (iii) (a) What step did Tansen take to save himself?
    (b) Did his plan work? How?
    (iv) Why has sleep been called a wonder?
    (v) How did Vijay singh dupe the ghost in his cave and save his life?

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  • question_answer16)

    What is your opinion about the teaching methods of Miss Beam's school. Whether they were correct or not? Give reasons to support your answer.
    What is the message conveyed in the story 'what happened to the Reptiles'?

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