6th Class English Sample Paper

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  • question_answer1)

    Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow:               
    We often talk of lower animals and higher animals. Man/ we say, is the highest animal. If yen have noticed an interesting difference in the behaviour of various animals, you'll at once understand why we put some animals in the lower groups and others in the higher.
    You must have noticed that simple animals like fishes lay eggs and leave them. They lay thousands of eggs at a time but do not look after them. The mother does not care for the children at all. She simply leaves the eggs and never comes back to them. As there is no one to look after them, most of these eggs die and only a few of them develop and comes back to them. As there is no one to look after them, most of these eggs die and only a few of them develop into fishes. Is this not a terrible waste? As we go up and examine the higher animals we find that their eggs or children are fewer, but they look after them better.
    The hen, for example, also lays eggs, but she sits upon them and hatches them. And when me little chicks come out, she feeds them for some time. When they grow up, the mother does not care much for them.
    But a great change comes with the higher animals - we call them mammals. These animals do not lay eggs, but the mother keeps the egg inside her and gives birth to the fully developed baby animal like dogs or cats or rabbits. And afterwards, the mother suckles, or gives milk, to her young. The mother thus, looks after her babies with great care. Even here, however, you find that there is a great deal of waste. The mother rabbit gives birth to a large number of baby rabbits every few months and many of them die. But a higher animal like the elephant gives birth to only one baby elephant and looks after the baby well.
    So, we see that as animals develop/ they do not lay eggs, but bear developed young ones like themselves, only smaller in size. And the higher animals usually give birth to one baby at a time. You will also notice that the higher animals have some affection for their young ones. Man is the highest animal and so you find that the mother and the father love and take care of their children to a great extent.
    (A) On the basis of your reading of the passage, answer the following question in about 30-40 words.
    (i) Man is called the highest animal. Why?
    (ii) What is the major difference between a fish and a hen, though both lay eggs?
    (iii) How do the mammals look after their young ones?
    (vi) How are we benefitted by man being the highest animal?
    (B) Put the following animals in the order of their evolution. Begin with the lower animals.
    (i) ................
    (ii) ...............
    (iii) ............
    (iv) ...........

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  • question_answer2)

    Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below:                          
    A fox and a stork were fast friends. The fox was very cunning. One day he thought of a mischief. He invited the stork to dinner. He served soup in a flat dish. The stork had long legs, a long neck and a long beak. She could not eat anything. The fox lapped it up. The fox said/ "Why are you not eating the soup? Don't you like it?" The stork said/ "The soup does not agree with me. I eat only rice". She came - back to her place.
    A few days later/ the stork invited the fox to dinner. She served boiled rice in a long and narrow-necked jar. The fox could not eat anything. The stork enjoyed a hearty meal. The fox felt small. He promised not to play such a trick again.
    (i) Who were fast friends?
    (ii) What mischief the fox played?
    (iii) Why could stork not eat anything?
    (iv) In which kind of jar did stork serve the food?

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  • question_answer3) You and Shyam are Admission Incharge of SS Convent School/ Mathura. Draft a notice of registration for admission to classes I to IX for the notice board of the School.

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  • question_answer4)

    You are Dhruv Sharma, a resident of 216, Chaitanya Enclave, Dehradun. There is no bus stop for city buses in your locality which causes inconvenience to the residents, especially to the children and old people. Write a letter in about 120 words to the Regional Transport Officer requesting him to set up a bus stop in your area at the earliest.                                        
    Write a letter to your mother about your daily routine.

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  • question_answer5)

    Write a short paragraph on any one of the following:
    (i) A Rainy Day
    (ii) What I Enjoy Doing Most in My Leisure Time
    (iii) Morning Assembly in My School

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  • question_answer6)

    Change the following sentences from the singular into the plural:
    (i) Mosquito is flying everywhere.
    (ii) The door is open.

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  • question_answer7)

    Fill in the blanks with correct determiners option:
    (i) He took off ................ coat and set to work.
    (ii) If you are feeling hot/ why don?t you take off ................ coat.
    (iii) Just a ................ person were present there.
    (iv) Some boys have not done ................ homework.

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  • question_answer8)

    Correct the following sentences:
    (i) I bought this pen in 10 rupees.
    (ii) My friend goes to school by cycle.

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  • question_answer9)

    Supply the most appropriate Preposition in the blanks below:
    (i) Please pay attention ..................... what the speaker is saying.
    (ii) He ran ..................... the road.
    (iii) Agra is situated ..................... the bank of the Yamuna river.
    (iv) The sky is ..................... our heads.

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  • question_answer10) Look at the following phrases and their meanings. Use the phrases to fill in the blanks of the sentence given below:

    set up put in place or start
    set aside save or keep for a particular purpose
    set down write or record
    set in begin and seem likely to continue
    (i) Why don't you ..................... your ideas on paper?
    (ii) A fund has been ..................... for the soldier's families.
    (iii) We should ..................... a little money every month.
    (iv) You should buy some woollens before winter......................

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  • question_answer11)

    Fill in the blanks with the correct degree of adjectives:
    (a) Alt is................................................than Raj. (small)
    (b) Rajan is.........................................than Ashish. (strong)

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  • question_answer12)

    Read the extract and answer the questions given below:
    Halfway up the tree I had built a crude platform where I would spend the afternoons when it was not too hot. I could read there propping myself up against the tree with a cushion from the living room. Treasure Island, Huckleberry Finn and The Story of Dr. Dolittle were some of the books that made up my banyan tree library. When I did not feel like reading/1 could look down through the leaves at the world below. And on one particular afternoon I had a grandstand view of that classic of the Indian wilds, a fight between a mongoose and a cobra.
    (i) Who made a crude platform high up the tree?
    (ii) What books did he have?
    (iii) What did he do with the books?
    (iv) What did he see one afternoon?

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  • question_answer13)

    Read the following lines from the poem and answer the questions given below:
    Never let a thought shrivel and die
    For want of way to say it
    For English is a wonderful game
    And all of you can play it
    All that you do is match the words
    To the brightest thoughts in your head
    So that they come out clear and true
    And handsomely groomed and fed.
    (i) Why does poet think that thoughts should not die?
    (ii) Why is English compared to a game?
    (iii) What is required to express our beautiful ideas?
    (iv) Who is the poet of the poem?

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  • question_answer14)

    Answer any four of the following questions:
    (i) Whom did the dog choose next as his master after the wolf?
    (ii) When and why did she go to the U.S.? Who did she marry?
    (iii) What was the real aim of Miss Beam's school?
    (iv) What does Nasir want to be and why?
    (v) How do mongoose kill snakes?
    (vi) How did the little man react about mathematics?

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  • question_answer15)

    Answer any four of the following questions:
    (i) Why didn't the farmer's wife want to leave the baby alone with the mongoose?
    (ii) Why do you think he had come to the shop?
    (iii) (a) What happens if Raga Deepak is sung properly?
    (b) Why did Tansen's enemies want him to sing the Raga Deepak?
    (iv) Why are dreams important? Mention two reasons.
    (v) If you were a baby crocodile, would you tell Makara that he was wrong? What would you say to convince him?

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  • question_answer16)

    Why did the farmer's wife kill the mongoose? What made her angry after killing the mongoose?
    What was difference between Miss Beam's school and the other schools?

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