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  • question_answer1)

    Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow:               
    Before performing an operation in a hospital, a doctor administers a drug or a gas to make the patient unconscious of pain. This state of unconsciousness is known as anesthesia (= anaesthesia), which is taken from a Greek word meaning Toss of feeling'. The substance causing loss of feeling is called an anesthetic (= anaesthesia).
    The discovery of anesthetics in the 19th century was one of the greatest achievements in the field of medicine. Before anesthetics, operations were done in very rare cases. Patients needing surgery were given alcohol or various drugs extracted from plant juices to dull the pain. Even then, operations were always very painful and were undertaken only in extreme emergencies. Today, with effective anesthetics, it is possible to produce many hours of pain-free unconsciousness, and this enables surgeons to perform complex, life-saving operations.
    The methods of anesthesia are: general, spinal and local. A general anesthetic puts the patient to sleep and is used for all major operations. A spinal anesthetic is given in case of surgery on the lower abdomen or legs. Injected into the spinal canal, it abolishes sensation in the lower part of the body, but the patient remains awake and fully conscious during the operation. A local anesthetic removes sensation only in that part of the body which is being operated on.
    Dentists may give local anesthetic before extracting or filling teeth, and doctors do so in minor cases, such as sewing up small cuts or opening on abscess.
    A medical doctor who specializes in giving an anesthetic is called an anesthesiologist or an anesthetist. Before a major operation, an injection into the arm puts the patient to sleep. The anesthetist then puts a mask on the patient's face through which he breathes in an anesthetic gas. This is kept in special containers. The anesthetist operates a machine that controls the amount of gas a patient receives. While breathing in the gas, the patient sleeps and feels no pain.
    A. On the basis of your reading of the passage, answer the following questions.
    (i) Who is an anesthetist? What is the purpose of anesthetics?
    (ii) How were operations performed before the discovery of anesthetics?
    (iii) How are anesthetics effective in today's scenario?
    (iv) Discuss the different methods of anesthesia.
    B. Complete the following table:
    Type of anesthetic Purpose of giving
    (a) ............... Major operation
    (b) ............... Manor operation
    C. Find the word from the passage which mean the same as: (i) applies (para 1) (ii) part of body below the chest/ containing the stomach, bowels and digestive organs (para 3)

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  • question_answer2)

    Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follows:
    (1) Pollution is the fouling of the environment- and, water and air-by waste, smoke, chemicals and other harmful substances. The most serious pollution occurs where there are large cities and many factories. Every industrial country faces the problem of waste. As factories produce new goods for people to buy, old ones are thrown out of the household as rubbish. Burning this pollutes the air, dumping it in rivers and seas pollutes the water, and rubbish, are unpleasant and take up much needed space. Getting rid of plastics is particularly difficult. Wood and paper decay after some time through the action of bacteria. But plastics never decay. The more we throw away, the more litter is produced.
    (2) The world's oceans have been used as 'dustbins', with millions of tonnes of rubbish are being dumped into the sea every year, harming marine life. If too much untreated sewage is poured into seas, lakes and rivers from sewers, the water can no longer dilute it. All the oxygen in the water will be used up and the fish will die. The bacteria which normally break down the sewage into harmless substances also die; only harmful bacteria which do not need air remain, and these cause disease.
    (3) Smoke from factory chimneys and exhaust gases from motor vehicles pollute the air. Chemicals in the air combine with moisture to make acids which eat away stone and brick, and hence damage buildings. Carbon monoxide gas and substances called hydrocarbons given out by the engines of cars, lorries can damage people's health. Ridding out world of pollution is an unimaginably big task.
    (i) What is meant by environment?
    (ii) Name any three factors that lead to pollution.
    (iii) What is the problem faced by industrial countries?
    (iv) What is that kills the fish in the polluted water?

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  • question_answer3) Suppose your grandmother couldn't read and write. You have taught your grandmother how to read. Write your feelings in the form of a diary entry on the day when your grandmother could read anything by her own.

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  • question_answer4)

    Imagine you are Radha/Rakesh, studying in Xth Standard, Govt. High School, Bijapur. Write a letter to your father about your preparation for the external examination.
    Write a letter to the General Manager of KMF Dairy, Shivamoga, requesting permission to visit the Dairy.                  

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  • question_answer5)

    Write a short paragraph on any one of the following:
    (i) A Road Accident
    (ii) The Teacher you like the most
    (iii) A Busy Street

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  • question_answer6)

    Change the following sentences from singular to plural:
    (i) The goose chased the mouse.
    (ii) The boy enjoyed himself.
    (iii) Give a loaf to the beggar.
    (iv) This knife is very sharp.

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  • question_answer7)

    Give the Feminine Gender of the following Masculine Genders:
    (i) Uncle
    (ii) Cock
    (iii) Horse
    (iv) Tiger

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  • question_answer8)

    Correct the following sentences:                                                                                             
    (i) Last year, I went to visit Himalayas.
    (ii) Moon is a satelite of Earth.

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  • question_answer9)

    Fill in the suitable conjunctions:
    (i) ..............John............. Marry passed the exam.
    (ii) Give me ............. a cup ............. a glass.
    (iii) ..............red............. yellow are attractive colours.
    (iv) I like ............. tea ............. coffee.

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  • question_answer10)

    The words given against the sentences below can be used both as nouns and verbs. Use them appropriately to fill in the blanks.
    (a) (i) The two teams have ....................three matches already, (play)
    (ii) The last day's ....................was excellent.
    (b) (i) She has a lovely ..................... (face)
    (ii) India is....................a number of problems these days.
    (c) (i) He made his....................in essay-writing, (mark)
    (ii) Articles....................'sold' are reserved.
    (d) (i) The police are ....................the area to catch the burglars, (comb)
    (ii) An ordinary plastic....................costs five rupees.

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  • question_answer11)

    Pick out the Adverbs in the following sentences and classify Adverb as an Adverb of time, place, manner, frequency etc.
    (i) The mango you brought was quite ripe.
    (ii) Please come in.
    (iii) He has been shamefully treated.
    (iv) They were hardly able to hear what he said.

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  • question_answer12)

    Read the extract and answer the questions given below :
    The arrangement worked well for a couple of years. Then the situation changed. Jumman and his family were tired of the old relative. Jumman became as indifferent to her as his wife, who grudged even the little food that the old lady wanted everyday. She swallowed these insults along with her food for a few months. But patience has its limits.
    (i) What arrangement does the author talk about?
    (ii) Why did Jumman and his wife become indifferent?
    (iii) "She swallowed these insults". Explain.
    (iv) What does author mean by "patience has its limits"?

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  • question_answer13)

    Read the following lines from the poem and answer the questions given below:         
    Last night, while I lay thinking here,
    Some what if scrawled inside my ear
    And pranced and partied all night long
    And sang their same old what if song
    (i) What was poet imagining while he was lying?
    (ii) What is 'What If' ?
    (iii) How does words crawl into ear?
    (iv) What does poet mean by pranced and partied.

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  • question_answer14)

    Answer any four of the following questions:                                                                            
    (i) Why did the dog feel the need for a master?
    (ii) What abilities must an astronaut have according to the journalist?
    (iii) Why did Serbjit become angry?
    (iv) Which of the following sums up the story 'Fair play' best? Give a reason for your choice.
    (a) "I also know that you will not kill you conscience for the sake of friendship."
    (b) "Let no one deviate from the path of justice and truth for friendship or enmity."
    (c) "The voice of the Panch is the voice of God".
    (v) What changes came about in the tree in spring?
    (vi) The dog came to know that the bear was stronger than the wolf. How?

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  • question_answer15)

    Answer any four of the following questions:
    (i) Did she repent her hasty action? How does she show her repentance?
    (ii) What do you think the man said to his friend who waited at the door?
    (iii) "Very well, my lord, but give me time to prepare myself." Who wanted to prepare, and for what?
    (iv) Describe briefly in the class an improbable dream that you have seen.
    (v) Why did Vijay Singh want to take the ghost as a prisoner to his village?

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  • question_answer16)

    In the chapter 'Who I am', everyone has some special quality. How?
    How did the king encounter with the birds in the forest?

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