UPSC History The vedic period - Early vedic period, Later vedic period and sangam period Question Bank Vedic Period/Mahajanapadas/Nandas etc

  • question_answer Who among the following is regarded as War God in Rigveda?

    A)  Agni

    B)  Indra

    C)  Surya

    D)  Varuna

    Correct Answer: B

    Solution :

    Agni is considered as the mouth of gods and goddesses, and the medium that conveys offerings to them in a homa (Votive ritual). Surya: He is the supreme soul who brings light and warmth to the world. Each day he travels across the Sky in Ills golden chariot pulled by seven horses and driven by red Amna, a personification of Dawn Vamna is the keeper of the cosmic order, a force called rta.

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