UPSC History The vedic period - Early vedic period, Later vedic period and sangam period Question Bank Vedic Period/Mahajanapadas/Nandas etc

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    Who among the following Vedic deities bears resemblance with Avestan God 'Ahurmazda'?

    A)  Indra                           

    B)  Varuna

    C)  Rudra              

    D)  Vishnu             

    Correct Answer: A

    Solution :

    Indra was the Vedic deities bears resemblance with Avestan god Ahunnazda. In Zoroastrianism as reflected in the Avesta, Ahura Mazda is identified with the beneficent spirit and directly opposed to the destructive one. He is all-wise, liberal, undeceiving and the creator of everything good. The description of Vedic deities, such as Indra, Varuna, Mitra and Nasatyaare foundinthe inscription of Boghazkoi of Asiaminar of 1400 BC.

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