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    Mention of which of the following rivers in the Rigveda suggests the Aryan's connection with Afghanistan?           [UP-PCS 2010]
    A. Asikni
    B. Purushni
    C. Kubha, Kurmu
    D. Vipaus, Suturdi

    A)  A and B          

    B)  A, B and C      

    C)  B, C and D       

    D)  A, B, C and D

    Correct Answer: D

    Solution :

    It is imagined that Aryans were spread from Afganistan to Valley of Ganga. There are description many of rivers and mountains in the Rigveda. Asikni was Chenab, Parusni was Ravi, Kubha was Kabul, Kmmu as Kurum, Vipas as Beas and Sutudri as Sutlej.

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