UPSC History The vedic period - Early vedic period, Later vedic period and sangam period Question Bank Vedic Period/Mahajanapadas/Nandas etc

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    DIRECTION: Rread the following instructions carefully:
    Assertion A: The early guilds were transformed into jatis. Reason R: The guilds of artisans resided in a particular section of a town developing a close-knit relationship.

    A)  if only 'Assertion' is correct.

    B)  if only 'Reason' is correct.

    C)  if both 'Assertion' and 'Reason' are correct and Reason is the correct explanation of Assertion.

    D)  if both 'Assertion' and 'Reason' are correct but 'Reason' is not the correct explanation of 'Assertion'.

    Correct Answer: C

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