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  • question_answer In the Parliament of India, the purpose of an adjournment motion is

    A) to allow a discussion on a definite matter of urgent public importance

    B) to let opposition members collect information from the ministers

    C) to allow a reduction of specific amount in demand for grant

    D) to postpone the proceedings to check the inappropriate or violent behaviour on the part of some members

    Correct Answer: A

    Solution :

    Adjournment motion : (i)   It is introduced in the Parliament to draw attention of the house to a definite matter of urgent public importance and needed to support of 50 members to be admitted. (ii) It is regarded as an extraordinary device, because it interrupts the normal business of the house. (iii) It involves an element of censure against the government and Rajya Sabha is not permitted to make use this device. (iv) The discussion an adjournment motion should last for not less than two hours and thirty minutes.


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