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  • question_answer Refer to the given paragraph and answer the following question.
    Plant P is the only source of food for the caterpillars of a butterfly species, Plant P depends on the adults of the butterfly species Q for pollination. In fact, animal Q is the only pollinator of plant P in nature. Animal R feeds exclusively on the caterpillars of the butterfly species, Q. Animal R in turn is the prey of animal S. Which of the following is likely to happen if animal S is hunted to extinction? 

    A) Animal R will continuously feed on animal Q which may lead to coextinction of both P and Q with time.

    B) The populations of both animals Q and R will increase, however the population of plant P will decrease with time.

    C) Population of animal R will increase while population of animal Q will decrease with time.

    D) Both (A) and (C)

    Correct Answer: D

    Solution :

    According to the given paragraph, P and Q show mutual relationship, i.e. if Q will extinct then it will lead to extinction of P as well and vice versa. If animal S is hunted to extinction, then population of animal R will start increasing abnormally in the absence of its predator. This uncontrolled growing population of R will feed more on Q population which may ultimately lead to Kits extinction with time. As both P and Q 'depend on each other for existence hence, P population will start decreasing and ultimately get extinct with time.


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