10th Class Social Science The Rise of Nationalism in Europe Question Bank The Rise of Nationalism Europe - Long Answer Questions

  • question_answer "Napoleon had destroyed democracy in France, but in the administrative field he had incorporated revolutionary principles." Justify this statement.                                                                        [Foreign 2008]


    In administrative field Napoleon introduced a number of revolutionary principles:
    (i) He wanted to make the whole system rational and efficient. In 1804, he introduced a new civil code known as the Napoleonic Code which did away with all privileges based on birth.
    (ii) He established equality before law.
    (iii) Secured the right to property.
    (iv) He simplified administrative divisions, abolished feudal system and freed peasants from serfdom and menial dues. In towns guild restrictions were removed. Transport and communication system was improved.
    Thus though he destroyed democracy for coming to power in administration he did introduce revolutionary principles.


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