8th Class Mathematics Squares and Square Roots Question Bank Square and Square Roots

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    The length of the diagonal of a rectangular paddock is 61m and the length of one side is 60m. Find:
    (A) The width of the paddock
    (B) The length of the fencing needed to enclose the paddock

    A)  11m, 142m                  

    B)  13m, 146m      

    C)  11m, 146m                  

    D)  13m, 142m

    Correct Answer: A

    Solution :

    (a) Width \[=\sqrt{{{61}^{2}}-{{60}^{2}}}\] \[=\sqrt{3721-3600}\]             Fencing \[=2\times (1+b)=2\times \left( 60+11 \right)=142\]


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