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  • question_answer A hollow sphere is filled with water. It is hung by a long thread. As the water flows out of a hole at the bottom, the period of oscillation will

    A)  first increase and then decrease  

    B)  first decrease and then increase

    C)  go on increasing

    D)  go on decreasing

    Correct Answer: A

    Solution :

     Time period of simple pendulum \[T=2\pi \sqrt{(\frac{l}{g})\propto \sqrt{l}}\]where / is effective length. [i.e distance between centre of suspension and centre of gravity of bob] Initially, centre of gravity is at the centre of sphere. When water leaks the centre of gravity goes down until it is half filled; then it begins to go up and finally it again goes at the centre. That is effective length first increases and then decreases. As \[T\propto \sqrt{l}\], so time period first increases and then decreases.


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