11th Class Business Studies Small Business Question Bank Small Business (Short)

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    Write a short note on SIDO.


    Ans.     It is the office of the Development Commissioner for Small Scale Industries. SIDO was established in 1954 on the basis of the recommendations of the Ford Foundation. It has over 60 offices and 21 autonomous bodies under its management. These autonomous bodies include Tool Rooms, Training Institutions and Project-cum-Process Development Centres.
    Various services provided by SIDO to the SMEs:
    1. Facilities for testing, toolmenting, training for entrepreneurship development.
    2. Preparation of project and product profiles.
    3. Technical and managerial consultancy.
    4. Assistance for exports.
    5. Pollution and energy audits.
    SIDO also provides economic information services and advises Government in policy formulation for the promotion and development of SSIs. The field offices also work as effective links between the central and the state governments.

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