9th Class Social Science The French Revolution Question Bank Short Answer Type Questions - The French Revolution

    Describe any four causes of the French Revolution.
    Describe the circumstances leading to the outbreak of revolutionary in France.


    (a) The French government was an absolute monarchy whose ruler Louis XVI was pleasure loving and extravagant. He was devoted to his wife who constantly interfered with the administration. Louis XVI drove France into useless wars bringing the country to the verge of bankruptcy. (b) French society was divided into 3 main classes called 'estates'. The first estate constituted the clergy, the nobility constituted the second estate and rest of the population constituted the third estate. The first two estates were the privileged ones, exempted from all taxes while the third estate shouldered the burden of taxation and had few privileges. (c) In France people had no share in decision-making. The French Parliament known as the Estates General had not been called for the last 175 years. Administration was corrupt and inefficient. (d) The economic bankruptcy of the French government aggravated the crisis and hastened the revolution. The defective system of tax collection and oppression created discontentment. (e) The emergence of political philosophers like Voltaire, Rousseau roused people from inactivity instilling are evolutionary spirit in them to root out social inequalities and set up a new government responsive to their needs.


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