9th Class Social Science Preventing Common Man Made Disasters Question Bank Short Answer Type Questions - Preventing Common Man-Made Disasters

  • question_answer Discuss any three mitigation strategies to reduce epidemic disaster risk.


    Risk reduction strategies:
    (a) The Public Health System should have clear understanding of roles and responsibilities Proper coordination is required right from the state and district to the village health workers.
    (b) Surveillance system is the primary requirement in order to have effective response and prevent any outbreaks.
    (c) Inventory of drugs and vaccines, laboratory set ups, list of doctors, nurses etc. need to be kept ready and updated.
    (d) Vaccination is an effective mitigation measure and will protect the persons at risk.
    (e) Common sources of infection carriers should be tackled by various measures. Improve sanitary conditions, fumigate breeding places, (sources of infection) disinfecting water resources etc.


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