9th Class Social Science Preventing Common Man Made Disasters Question Bank Short Answer Type Questions - Preventing Common Man-Made Disasters

  • question_answer Discuss some mitigation strategies which can be adopted to mininise losses during any industrial


    Mitigation strategies to minimise losses.
    (a) Hazard mapping: The community staying in the immediate vicinity should be aware of industrial chemical hazard.
    The hazard map should identify areas affected and safe routes for evacuation should be marked.
    (b) Land use planning: Densely populated residential areas should be separated far away from industrial areas. Green belt should separate the industrial areas from residential areas.
    (c) Community preparedness: Community should be prepared to combat the hazardous situation the community should be informed about the response steps taken in case of an accident.
    (d) Risk reduction measures: Improve fire resistance and warning systems. Develop emergency.  Relief and evacuation planning for employees and nearby settlements.


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